July 2, 2012

Magic Summer

Hello beauties, how are you? How is your summer shaping up? I must say... mine is turning out to be rather magical. There's a certain enchantment swirling around my days, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Cumulus cloud canopies? Naps in the grass? Serendipitous encounters? A combination of it all, perhaps? I've been compiling a list of sweet summer moments that I've experienced throughout the years (and some that I haven't yet) and I'd love to share them with you. Maybe one or two might inspire you to embrace your magic summer.
  • Camping on the beach
  • Hiking through the Redwoods
  • Cliff jumping into a lake or river
  • Driving hwy 1
  • Iced coffee & journaling at an outdoor cafe
  • Eating strawberries straight from the vine
  • Finding giant moths & tiny toads at dusk
  • Sleeping during a wild storm
  • Mineral baths with the windows open
  • Moonshine out of a mason jar
  • Getting lost in an unfamiliar town
  • Canoe trips that creep into the night
  • Making love in a pasture
  • Digging carrots in the sun
  • Raccoons in your backyard
  • Rosewater & lavender cocktails
  • Snapping turtle ponds
  • Unlikely friendships
  • Sheer, gauzey dresses in the breeze
  • Delicious solitude
  • Reading Walden on a pier as the sun goes down
  • Muddy feet & messy hair
  • Dimly lit apartments & sweet summer air
  • Walks with your lover down a dirt path
  • Kissing in the pines
  • Dreams that become reality
  • Driving through the desert
  • Wild Maine blueberries
  • Firefly extravaganzas in the Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Skinny dipping & back floating in a cloud painted lake
  • Packing up and heading out
  • Iced maple latte 
  • Naming constellations from a rooftop
  • Daydreaming under giant sequoias 
  • Summer night playlists: Beth Orton, Nick Drake, Iron & Wine
  • Receiving a bouquet of wildflowers
  • Taking a train to Montana
  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail
  • Diving in
  • Strawberry pie
  • Outdoor showers
  • Full moon adventures
  • A car full of camping gear
  • Farm stands in the middle of nowhere
  • Barn kittens

Tell me how you're spending your summer 


  1. Such a beautiful, magical life! Even your words paint pictures of the life I want to live. Always inspired by you.


  2. Beautiful words and beautiful art. Very awesome :)

  3. waist high in a river fishing, barefoot, bonfire dinners, national park campsites, convertibles, evening concerts outdoors, supper on the porch, tree swing with by babygirl etc. :)

  4. Oh Katie this list is just adorable and so so magical!!
    It has me dreaming of summer days and pretty places! But its winter here in NZ. The skies are grey as I type. But winters can still be as magical as summer, just in a different way!! Maybe I'll make a list of magical wintery things!
    -Britney of Lemonwood and Honey

  5. I love your list of magical summertime inspiration. Delicious! Don't think I could pick a favorite - I want to do them all!

  6. LOVE your list! You have inspired me to create my own. Summers are made to be magical, aren't they? :)

  7. we have a summer wish list on our fridge with many parallels.....swimming in the sea and lakes and rivers is what I crave most!!!.....and now the sun is shining.....let the magic begin! happy summer to you and yours!

  8. such a peaceful and beautiful life you live! love your paintings-they are such an inspiration to me (trying to become a full-time artist as well). thanks for sharing your art with the world! :)

  9. All of those things are right up my alley! Some of my favorites from this summer so far have been a neighborhood outdoor movie night, evening jogs through the olive groves with my husband, and having the kitten sleep on my lap. It's all about the simple things!

  10. Beautiful!! I love how your paintings capture such pretty moods. I looooove summer in Portland. Just went berry-picking last weekend and that was a pretty important summer thing for me! I love wearing summer dresses in the sun.

    Just saw on your Twitter that you're from Portland, too. Would love to see you at a Portland Bloggers group event! I'd see you as a celebrity! ;) http://pdxbloggers.com/

  11. My husband and I just talked last night about all the things we've done this summer, and we were shocked at how much we accomplished! I just found your blog through Going Home To Roost, and am so happy to have found the blog behind the etsy shop that I already love so much! We are loving the Mary Oliver print we bought from you. Hope to see more blog posts soon! And I love your design!

  12. Katie, you are so beautiful, I could (and do) cry :)
    It's just such a relief to see people like you spread all over the world. Thanks to the glorious Internet!

    Much love from Germany,

  13. Packing out and heading out, camping and beach omg theres so much thing to do yet not much time. Hope you have fun too. Got my eye on your next posts.

  14. Hi Katie, fallen in love with your art work and can't believe that at the same age as me you have accomplished so much! I'd love to know how you got your foot in the door as a fellow artist- everyone is always saying I should do something with my art but I don't really know where to start. So lovely to find a dreamer who has achieved so many of their dreams :).

    Love Brenda

  15. Just discovered your blog. LOVE your work!

  16. Summer reminds us to breath again! Its my favorite time of year...thank u for your art.It always makes me smile.....keep on spreading smiles around!

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