June 25, 2012

I have a blog!?

Whoa! It's been MONTHS since my last post... I guess that's what happens when you're a painter with a bad case of wanderlust. Well, it seems to me as though I've landed in the lovely town of Bend, Oregon. Have you been? After living in Portland for 8 months, I've become a little soggy. I'm currently residing in the high desert, drying out :) Bend is quite lovely and my place reminds me of a sweet little Parisian loft. It has exposed brick, vintage chandeliers, huuuge windows and a luxurious clawfoot bathtub. Heavenly, really! Not to mention, the farmers market is RIGHT BELOW my window. I found it on allofcraigs.com. It's a website that lets you search ALL of Craigslist (hence the name!)I think I typed in "exposed brick" and "clawfoot." Take a look: 
I'm loving that Bend is a relatively a small town full of nature & friendly folks. I hardly know anyone (psst... introduce yourself!) but that's one of my favorite things about moving somewhere new - making new connections! I've found a lot of good nooks here, and a few really great ones. My favorite coffee shop (which I frequent on a daily basis) is Lone Pine. They make a delicious maple latte. Thump is a close second, as I love their lavender mocha. I'm also a regular at Dudley's. It's a cafe/book shop/cozy hang out for anyone looking to melt into a novel for a few hours while sipping on a cup o' chamomile. I was there the other day during a rainstorm and it was one of the most magical moments I've experienced in a while.

I got rid of my car a year back in Asheville, and I figured it was about time to get a new mode of transportation. Pictured above is my new Electra bike with sweet Clementine in the front basket. Projects & Etsy have been steady which is a great blessing. I just finished a fun project for Natural Vines, a natural licorice company based out of Bend. Here's a sneak peek of what I've been working on: 

I've also been dreaming of Paris a lot :) I've never been out of the country, but hopefully by next year that will change. I'd love to go to Italy or France... New Zealand, Australia... Bali? I created this quick little illustration tonight while watching Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it? One of my all time favorite movies! 

Well, I think that's enough of an update for now. How are all of you? Enjoying the summer? Any fun summer plans? Sending love to all of you everywhere!