January 16, 2012

It's a Wonderful Life

Hello dear ones, and welcome to 2012! Have you ever made a life list? Things to accomplish in this life...? Here's the one that's been hiding out in my sketchbook:
1. Jump off a rock into the ocean
2. Eat pizza in Naples
3. Lay in a lavender field in Provence (or anywhere!)
4. Own a beautiful 200yr old farm house
5. Make a line of fabric
6. Bathe in hibiscus flowers in Bali
7. Have garden with poppies, daisies, cosmos, crickets & hummingbirds
8. Create an outdoor bathtub/sacred space to bathe in every day of summer
9. Make a strawberry pie from scratch
10. Stay in a yurt on the ocean (accomplished this last week!!)
11. Live out of an airstream for a while... pick up and move wherever/whenever. Set up camp in National Forests, seashores...
12. Climb a mountain
13. Hike the Appalachian Trail
14. Learn to Sew
15. Live in New Zealand
16. Skinny dip (again ;))
17. Learn every constellation recorded
18. Sit in stillness every day for at least one hour
19. Marvel at the Northern Lights
20. See the French Riviera
21. Learn to SURF! 

- - - -

There are sooo many more things in my noggin that I'd love to accomplish. Let's see how many of these I can complete in 2012! 

What's on your list? 


  1. Great list, and beautiful painting! I adore Mary Oliver, and this quote. Good stuff.

    Something on my life list is to take an Italian vacation with my hubby.

  2. I can't believe so many of ours are the same-- On my bucket list is also: see the Northern Lights, Learn to surf (happening next year!), own a small family farm, and also hiking the Appalachian Trail is on mine, too!

    I've got the "backpacking through Ireland", "learn to sew", "working on a stud farm", and "going to the Louvre" crossed off! ;)

    Love the painting, beautiful.
    Sarah M

  3. * Visit all 50 states before I am 50 (I'm already over half, so doin' well!)
    * Walk in the Abbey Road crosswalk like The Beatles (my favorite band)
    * Write/illustrate a chidren's book...and get it published
    * Hike up to the back of the HOLLYWOOD sign in Los Angeles
    * Road trip across the United States (again!)
    * Finish the various quilts that I've started
    * Have my picture taken while holding a koala in Australia
    * Ride a mechanical bull
    * Own a retro camper-trailer
    * Be an amazing mother (baby is due this June!)

  4. So beautiful, Katie. I love your list. I just started compiling mine in November. On it: get a tattoo that has personal meaning, pet a tiger, finish writing/illustrating children's book, speak in public, & take a xanax at Six Flags.

  5. ok soooo, i can help with a few of these! 3) we have a lavender field here. :) 14) consider it done. 21) david can teach you! and 13) always been a dream of ours as well. :)

  6. You totally inspired me. I saw your board on pinterest and totally stole your idea of pinning what I want to complete this year. It's so exciting! I love your list, but I especially love your painting.

  7. I'm so inspired! I'm 33 & not getting any younger! I need to start working on 1st, creating a life list, and then 2nd, crossing things off!

  8. Gorgeous painting! I'm always inspired by your work. I like number 5 on your list - I would love to sew with fabric you've designed:)

  9. Living in beautiful New Zealand is an absolute must!!!! Yup!

    Fabulous list and beautiful art. Xo

  10. I just came across your blog recently, and am loving every bit of it! I actually looked through the whole thing the other day. As a fellow artist, I wanted to tell you that you've really inspired me. You are so young and have had so many amazing things happen to you, and with your artwork (which is so pretty and amazing by the way). It makes me want to keep trying to do something with my art, to not give up.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm a new reader of your blog and am very happy to have come across you. <3

  11. A hibiscus bath in Bali awaits you... Sending so much love! xo

  12. -Backpack Europe (cliche I know)
    -Start a family with my fiance
    -Convince him that our first Christmas card should have us both in guide gear footie pajamas
    -Figure out which breed of dog we want
    -Finish writing/illustrating my Children's book
    -Attend a new gallery opening

  13. Happy New Year beautiful radiant being ~ I love your light shining brightly. :) Life is exciting and we are the miracle of each experience. :) All that I ever need is right here, in this moment. :) I don't have a list, all my dreams come true at every moment. :) May 2012 be a very fulfilling and loving year for you filled with all the wonderful things that you love, and may you embrace all that is given to you. xx Love and joy to all beings. Ana :)

  14. mmmmmm, paint an exhibition...
    go on safari.
    have healthy little babies :)




  15. Wow! Your art is wonderful! It inspired me soo much! You're an Awesome artsit! :D

  16. you should definitely come live in NZ You and your beautiful art would be most welcome :)

  17. I just bumped into your blog! such lovely things you make!!
    I love the idea of the life list! I'll think about it :D

  18. Hi, I linked over from Jennifer Taylor's post about you. Love your illustrations with such beautiful color and details that I want to run through them! ;-)

  19. Hi Katie
    Was wondering if you would be offering this artwork as a greeting card at all?
    Thanks :-)

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