December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Hello dear friends. How are you? Can you believe another year has passed us by? All of 2011's moments are gone with the summer breeze ...or maybe collected in your heart? I know I've collected so many memories, friends & lessons from 2011. 

Oh MY, what a wonderful year it was... perhaps my favorite yet. I have SO MUCH to be grateful for. Here's a list of fifty sweet-as-honey 2011 highlights:

  • Rung in the new year with my best friends at an Avett Brother's show
  • Lived in beautiful, beautiful Asheville, North Carolina and shared a country dream home with two amazing women, a kitty and a clawfoot tub.

  • Perhaps 2011's most magical moment: I rode a bicycle through a forest wearing only a bikini. At the end of the trail I swam in a lake with a horse. 
  • Soaked atop a drizzly North Carolina mountain in a hot tub.

  • Got a gym membership and became really active (for a while!)
  • Danced my heart out at an Asheville drum circle
  • Saw my artwork on an American Greetings Valentine's Day endcap

  • Had a Thai massage that rejuvenated my mind, body & spirit
  • Witnessed my best friend Heather get married
  • Drank lots of Silver Needles & Tulsi tea at my favorite teahouse, Dobra
  • Met my spiritual mentor, Alia
  • Had my first facial and felt like a brand new person
  • Realized that being alone is a gift

  • Took part in a great art collaboration with my dear friends Peter & Kima
  • Painted butterflies, flowers & lettering for Target's spring line. Saw my art on teapots, gift bags, mugs & so much more.
  • Created packaging illustration for Sunbites
  • Had my heart broken
  • Had my heart mended

  • Witnessed a misty mountain firefly extravaganza. I will never see anything like it again.
  • Tried moonshine... and really liked it.
  • Had the best iced coffee of my life at The Mill in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Illustrated 10 cards for Madison Park Greetings - to debut in 2012
  • Had gum surgery (ouch!) and finally got my teeth in healthy spirits.

  • Took my Basil cat on oodles of walks through the mountains. He would follow alongside me with his fur poofed up.
  • Participated in several craft shows and a few gallery shows

  • Moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a new adventure with Luke
  • Had an amazing dream about a farmhouse, ferris wheel & a Milky Way meteor shower

  • Learned (and still learning) to love rain
  • Met the Pacific Ocean and stood in awe (first picture)
  • Saw my first look at my home decor/garden line with Demdaco - to debut 2012

  • Bought a pink Christmas Tree
  • T-Shirts!
  • Played countless games of Scrabble

  • Let go of what didn't serve me
  • Let go of many insecurities
  • Created album art & posters for several musicians
  • Met & hired the most wonderful studio assistant, Melanie

  • Designed a blog for Ashley
  • Saw my art published in several magazines & publications
  • Reached 9,313 Etsy sales

  • Met some of my favorite Portland artists
  • Illustrated a journal for Chronicle Books - out in 2012
  • Spent $456 in one trip to the Post Office (mailing Christmas orders!)
  • Momentarily lost track of my bliss... but began to chase it again.
  • Felt a (mostly) constant flow of abundance
  • Made the entire year (actually THREE years!) without getting sick -- not even a cold!
- - - - - - 

It really has been incredible and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store. Although 2011 brought some amazing experiences, there are areas I need to nurture a bit more. For example - I should be exercising regularly, spending less time online (more time in stillness), becoming a bit more stable with my finances, nurturing my relationships and above all, really looking within and asking whether I'm living the most authentic life possible. 

Much laughter, light and happiness to you all in 2012. 


Katie Daisy


  1. You are amazing! :) Have a happy new year! :)

  2. What an anazing year! I enjoyed reading about your favorite moments :) happy new year!!

  3. What an amazing year you've had, Katie!
    Your art brightens my studio and keeps me company on my creative journey.
    Wishing you much happiness in 2012~

  4. What a great year!!
    I live a few blocks away from the Mill, in Lincoln, :) Would have loved to meet you--have your artwork all over in my house! I hope Lincoln was good to you. Happy New Year,
    Sarah M

  5. I am so thankful that I recently stumbled upon your blog and Etsy shop! What an inspiring perspective you have! Thank you for sharing it with us! Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you much joy and many adventures. :) I can't wait to fill my apartment with your art this year!

  6. Looks like you had a great year...and you did the Oregon piece! Yeehaw! I'm heading over to your etsy shop next to see if it's ready to purchase :)
    Hope Oregon is treating you well.

  7. I love and admire your artwork so much! So it's wonderful to see your year in review. Looks like lots of ups and downs, but focusing on all the wonderful things feels so much better. There are so many wonderful things already happening in 2012 for you - happy new year!

  8. what an absolutely fabulous year! you certainly "lived!" thank you for sharing! love, love your artwork. and wow, love the website you helped design! can't wait to see the book you illustrated.

    wishing you a happy, healthy, peaceful new year! :)

  9. You really inspire me Katie to be a better person and in touch more with my spiritual side and learn to follow what makes me happy. A lot can be learned from you believe it or not! Lots of love and happiness for 2012 from little old Writtle in the United Kingdom! Kathleen xxx

  10. Happy 2012! I hope it is a great one!

  11. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest...we are a touch more lovely for you living here! Kim

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  13. You are amazing and inspire me in so many ways. Thank you for being you and sharing it with the rest of us! Happy New Year Katie!

  14. Thanks wonderful Katie! I hope you have a wonderful year in 2012!

  15. Beautiful Soul Sister,

    I love you and am so inspired by you. Thank you for sharing Love and Joy with the world.

    You are LOVED,

  16. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about your year in review. The way you live life is how it ought to be lived. Free. Happily. Like it was your last day. You are such an amazing and talented gal. Cannot wait to own a Katie Daisy art piece soon! xoxo

  17. You've had an amazing year! I am inspired by your list and your magical life. Your art sparkles!
    Happy 2012!*~*~*~*~*~*

  18. Belle année colorée dans cet univers.



  19. Love your energy. Peace from Brazil Juliana

  20. it's fun to read through all you have accomplished this year! i can't to see what 2012 brings you. happy new year katie.

  21. wow, a great year and congrats on the move to Oregon - it's beautiful!

  22. You are so beautiful and it is a treasure that you are sharing all these experiences with us the viewers. Your light shines brightly in the moonlight sky and flies above the heaven's like it's just been sung. I love your illustrations, and I am a lover through your beautiful creations through Etsy. This is my first time on your blog, and I would like to say it has been a pleasure to read your beautiful experiences and to keep shining away in your true authenticity as your radiance glimmers for all to see so effortlessly. Wishing you well in all that you manifest this Year of 2012. May you create all the beautiful things you like, and may you also embrace all the opportunities that await your growth. Your new friend - Ana xx

  23. Welcome to Bend! I hope you love it here, we do...will keep an eye out for your work at different places and will check out your Etsy also. Keep up the good work!!

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