October 29, 2011

Rain, coffee & art!

Eek! Sure has been a while since my last blog post. How are you all? I'm busy as a bee over here in Portland, OR! I'm trying to get used to the rainy, grey days... which to the locals, haven't even "started" yet! 
I've been working on a few huuuuge projects including: a line of greeting cards, illustrating a book for a well-known author (stay tuned for details!), a blog re-design, a magazine cover, iPhone cases, and more! Because of all this freelance work, I've gotten a little behind on my Etsy orders... which brings me to the next bit of exciting news:

I have an assistant! Her name is Melanie and she's the lovely talent behind Soma Venus and Rad Cat. She's a total cat lady -(works at a shelter, professional kitty photographer)so we most definitely get along. So far, we've done a little work and a lot of cat things. Or is it the other way around!? ;) I'm super grateful for her assistance and I hope she likes her new job!

Up top are 3 new paintings + a self portrait in my new studio! I really love the house we're living in... a super sweet 2 bedroom house with lots of character & charm.

Well, that's all for now... Have a lovely day, friends!