June 19, 2011

Summer Sales

It's summertime! That means it's also art sale time. I've had a ton of fun so far this summer with the shows I've participated in. These images are from my most recent art show at Freshly, a sweet boutique in Denver, NC and The Big Love Fest in Asheville, NC. It's been interesting to experiment with display elements. Vintage linens, chipped up barn wood furniture & ever-so-sweet buntings made by the lovely Jessie have played a big role in my setups.

I'm currently having a display built by the super-talented Darlene of Hatchett Designs. Can't wait to share what she comes up with!

The next show I'm taking part in is The Big Crafty in downtown Asheville. It's on Sunday, July 10th - mark your calendars! There'll be tons of amazing vendors, food, music... Hope to see you then!

I'd love to hear about your festival/craft show displays :)


  1. cool! I use baskets for my prints as well.

    I live in Mexico City and I'm part of a craft sale every 2 months in an old colonial hacienda called Bazar Fusión. Isn't direct contact w/ customers awesome?

    Love your work. You're a great inspiration.

    xo. Ana Vicky

  2. Gorgeous work, Ana Vicky! I love your display...

    Direct contact with customers is amazing... especially in an age when so much is digital! It's great to have that human to human interaction!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  3. Katie, I adore you!

    This is so beautiful. I want to live in a house filled with your art. I don't think it would be possible to be in a "bad" mood if surrounded by all of this beauty. :)

    Thank you for sharing such inspiration. xo

  4. I adore YOU, Alia!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment... I'm always filled with joy when I visit your blog! Thanks for being a light :)

  5. Your display is simply amazing! I want it all! It's so funny because I have that same blue dress. You look adorbs in it!

  6. I love your art. I have a few of your pieces in my house and would be in heaven if you came to an art show in San Diego (my home town). PLEASE!

  7. I stumbled on your blog a few days ago and I can't NOT leave a comment, so here it is: Your art is absolutely stunning. I'm a fan. Good luck with the rest of your shows!

  8. I wish I could attend one of your sales! I love your displays :)
    I cannot wait to move into my new house and decorate my walls with your art!

  9. Oh my God. Seriously. Such as amazing, beautiful, dreamy display!!! I'm in awe. I've been looking for new ideas for my display as I do a few shows each year and wow I've never seen anything as beautiful as this. Thanks so much for sharing it! I'd love to see it in person!!

  10. I love this pictures, nice blog.

  11. I'm so happy I found your bright and cheery blog! I LOVE it! Your work is gorgeous!

  12. Oh, your work is so right up my alley! Do you sell online?

  13. um, i adore you. the prints i have of yours make me smile every.day. even though i see them 100 times a day. you are a happy maker!

  14. I'm so happy I found your blog!! I absolutely love this display. The colors (jut like all your work) are to die for. the distressed chest of drawers is fabulous.

  15. katie daisy!
    your booth is so lovely. it is like frolicking in a field of flowers, and that is the best!! :)
    i love the natural look to your booth your paintings are so lovely. those shows sound so sweet, the big love fest! i wish i was closer. maybe next summer ill road trip some. :)
    peace & love!