March 27, 2011

Uncle Mountain Gig Poster

Here's a little gig poster I did for Asheville band, Uncle Mountain. There will be some space at the bottom for the guys to write in their show info. That way, if they have gigs in multiple cities, they can use one poster & just change the details! How handy...

I hope they like it!


  1. Wow that's AWESOME! You're SO good with colors! I love the little touches of red all over and I love the raindrops!

  2. this is magical. I adore your artwork, Katie!!!

  3. Oh. Wow. Genius. Gorgeous.

    I swear I can write multi-word sentences.


  4. yay a blog!! Im so glad to have found your lovely blog again after the mail that i sent you last year about you being such an inspiration!! I was wondering if you would be so kind... as to do some posts about the tools you use for your painting and where you paint? Your work space? I will go check in case you already havent! I just bought water paper paint by Heather smith jones and i love it so im getting back into watercolour!

  5. Hi Katie Daisy! I love your work! I saw that you have the "Prairie Girl's Guide to Life" on an earlier post--that book is amazing!

    I fancy my self a prairie girl too even though I'm more of a frontier girl because I live in Alaska...Anyways, I was wondering if you are going to have any more of your prairie dream prints for sale on Etsy?

  6. Hi Katie. I know I love your work. Do you design fabric? I could see a collection for Moda or a big company like that!